What is a Structural Shift?

There are many normal values which help health care professionals determine your level of health. You are probably familiar with normal blood pressure, normal body temperature, and even normal eyesight. It doesn’t mean that everyone in Salt Lake City is expected to be PERFECT, but there are ranges which are acceptable and unacceptable.

Your spine too, has a normal structure. Like blood pressure or body temperature, there is an acceptable range. A Structural Shift is an abnormal misalignment of your spine, outside of this range, which ultimately decreases your body’s optimal function. Structural Shifts place abnormal tension on muscles, ligaments, and can obstruct the NERVES branching from the spinal cord. This will in turn can result in a myriad of Secondary Conditions.

At Dynamic Chiropractic we focus on locating and correcting Structural Shifts in your spine to improve the function of your nervous system and body.