It is probably not by accident you are here at our site, as we have found the majority of our visitors are referred here. In any case, we’re glad you are here. We are a different type of chiropractic clinic, and as such, this site is different.

This website is not meant to be an overbearing electronic brochure for our practice. You will not find coupons for “Free Exams”, steak knives or anything of that sort. What you will experience is a “journey” that – in the end, hopefully will have you looking at your calendar and scheduling a consultation.

And by the way, in our office, a consultation is simply a casual conversation where we learn a little about you, and you learn a little about us. After all, we’re not the right office for every person, so doesn’t it make sense to discover that before you begin a relationship with our practice?

Please click on the NEXT button to find out more about what we do so that you can decide if NeuroStructural Chiropractic might be the solution to your health challenges.